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Supervisor Barger expands mental health services in 5th District

Supervisor Kathryn Barger recently secured funding for two projects to expand mental health services in the 5th District: (i) the construction of the Restorative Care Village at the Olive View UCLA – Medical Center in Sylmar, a multi-service mental health facility; and (ii) the building of a $14.3 million mental health wing to the High Desert Regional Health Center in Lancaster.

The Olive View Medical Center is expected to be completed in 2021 and will include a Mental Health Wellness Center, Mental Health Urgent Care, a Recuperative Care Center and a Residential Treatment Program. It will be a “restorative care village”, providing physical, social, and mental health services. Supervisor Barger explained, “The Restorative Care Village model enables the county’s most vulnerable patients to receive the follow-up treatment they need. This village will foster a smooth transition between when patients finish treatment at the medical center and when they return home.”

The expanded High Desert Regional Health Center will serve Antelope Valley residents who currently commute to the Olive View-UCLA Medical Center. The new addition will occupy 9,900-square-feet and will provide 24-hour mental health care. “It’s a necessity that Antelope Valley residents get the services they need near home, without making them travel hours for care,” said Supervisor Barger. She continued, “The urgent Regional Health Center will offer services that Antelope Valley healthcare professionals have long asked for locally. It’s imperative the County continue to enhance resources in the Antelope Valley.”

Amidst the Homelessness crisis, Supervisor Kathryn Barger continues to press the need to treat mental illness -- a root cause of homelessness –– to permanently reduce the homeless population in Los Angeles County.

The High Desert Regional Health Center in Central Lancaster

The Olive View - UCLA Medical Center in Sylmar

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