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Supervisor Barger says "Be Prepared" in Fire Season

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

We live within a natural wonderland of mountains and valleys providing a vibrant habitat of plants and animals—and humans. With this also comes wildfires during these dry, fall days.

This past week the Saddleridge Fire scorched nearly 9,000 acres in the northern San Fernando Valley. In its early stages, Santa Ana winds created a fast-moving fire which raced into neighborhoods, forcing thousands to flee their homes despite the herculean efforts of our firefighters.

As the fire raged, Supervisor Barger spent the day at the command post coordinating with first responders and releasing pertinent information to the public.

This week again expect Santa Ana winds, she warns, and with them the threat of more fast-moving fires. Supervisor Barger recommends that those in fire-prone areas in the Fifth District look to the following sites for accurate, live updates:

Supervisor Barger's office is also available by phone (213) 974-5555 and is ready to serve you.

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