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Barger Launches Re-Election Campaign for L.A. County Fifth District Supervisor Seat


February 9, 2023


Barger Launches Re-Election Campaign for L.A. County

Fifth District Supervisor Seat

Bid for re-election in 2024 comes with bi-partisan support from local leaders, and first responder, social worker, labor and building trade unions

Today, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger announced the launch of her re-election campaign for Fifth District Supervisor – a top local government leadership position she has held since her initial election in 2016. She was re-elected for a second term in an outright victory in the March 2020 primary.

“I am launching this re-election campaign with a lot of enthusiasm and focus,” said Supervisor Kathryn Barger. “I have worked hard to keep public safety, homelessness, and investing in local businesses front and center through my policy motions and strong collaborations with stakeholders from a variety of public and private sectors. I am proud of my work and progress on challenging the status quo on homelessness, funding more law enforcement patrols to fight crime, and expanding care for our communities – but there is more to be done. My bid for a third and final term reflects my commitment to keeping up the fight to bring the change L.A. County residents demand and need.”

Barger enters the Supervisorial race with strong backing from numerous labor organizations and dozens of Fifth District city mayors and council members.

“I have developed a reputation as a no-nonsense, hard-working leader,” Supervisor Barger stated. “I’ve demonstrated an unwavering commitment to collaboration and have served as a constant advocate for Fifth District municipalities and workers. The endorsements my campaign has received to date are a testament to my track record. I believe this show of support is just the beginning of what will be resolute backing from cities, labor, and community leaders.”

Barger is pleased to announce the following support:

From Labor Organizations:

  • Los Angeles / Orange County Building and Construction Trades Council

  • Southern California Pipe Trades District Council 16

  • Electrical Workers IBEW Local 11

  • Southwest Mountain States Regional Council of Carpenters

  • Los Angeles County Firefighters, Local 1014

  • SEIU Local 721

  • Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs

  • Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association

  • AFSCME Local 685

From Elected Officials:

  • Janice Hahn, Los Angeles County Supervisor, Fourth District

  • Antonio Villaraigosa, Former Mayor, Los Angeles

  • April A. Verlato, Mayor Pro Tem, Arcadia

  • Zizette Mullins, Councilmember, Burbank

  • Cesar Andres Gaecia, Councilmember, Duarte

  • Ara Najarian, Councilmember, Glendale

  • Gary Boyer, Mayor, Glendora

  • Mendell Thompson, Councilmember, Glendora

  • Michael Allawos, Councilmember, Glendora

  • Keith Eich, Mayor, La Cañada Flintridge

  • Terry Walker, Councilmember, La Cañada Flintridge

  • Michael Davitt, Councilmember, La Cañada Flintridge

  • R. Rex Parris, Mayor, Lancaster

  • Ken Mann, Councilmember, Lancaster

  • Becky Shevlin, Mayor, Monrovia

  • Gloria Crudgington, Councilmember, Monrovia

  • John Ebiner, Mayor Pro Tem, San Dimas

  • Ryan A. Vienna, Councilmember, San Dimas

  • Calvin Lo, Councilmember, San Marino

  • Bill Miranda, Councilmember, Santa Clarita

  • Marsha McLean, Councilmember, Santa Clarita

  • Edward T. Garcia, Mayor, Sierra Madre

  • Kristine Lowe, Councilmember, Sierra Madre

  • Gene Goss, Councilmember, Sierra Madre

  • Michael A. Cacciotti, Councilmember, South Pasadena

  • Vincent Yu, Councilmember, Temple City

  • Joe Buscaino, Former Councilmember, Los Angeles

  • Diana Mahmud, Former Mayor and Councilmember, South Pasadena

  • Tom Adams, Former Mayor and Councilmember, Monrovia

The following endorsements of Kathryn Barger for 2024 Fifth District Los Angeles County Supervisor were shared:

LA/OC Building Trades Council: Kathryn Barger is a champion for the building trades and our members. She has always supported our members, been a fierce advocate for working families, and never hesitated to prove her commitment to investing in good jobs and building in Los Angeles. Supervisor Barger has shown that growth in Los Angeles starts with supporting workers.

Mayor Becky Shevlin, Monrovia: “Kathryn Barger has led the reform of our homelessness bureaucracy and consistently challenged the status quo. She has been a champion for our cities, and an advocate for change in how we respond to this crisis. She is the strongest voice for changing the trajectory on homelessness in L.A. County and the leader we need.”

Mayor R. Rex Parris, Lancaster: “No one understands the needs of the Antelope Valley more than Kathryn Barger. At every turn, she elevates our priorities on homelessness, transportation, economic development, and other critical issues. No other leader has a track record of results that compares to hers. Kathryn Barger needs to be re-elected for us to see any change in the homelessness crisis in our communities.”

Mayor Keith Eich, La Cañada Flintridge: “Kathryn Barger has proven that she is the only one who will stand up for the true needs of our community and be an advocate that represents our voice. She has a track record of being a consistent, strong and fair leader on the issues that matter most.”

Mayor Edward Garcia, Sierra Madre: “Supervisor Barger has always been responsive and supportive of the needs of our city.”

Mayor Gary Boyer, Glendora: “Kathryn has been a voice of common sense when others choose politics over people.”

Mayor Pro Tem April Verlato, Arcadia: “Supervisor Barger is a practical, no-nonsense representative of the residents of Los Angeles County. She is, many times, the lone voice of reason that keeps government in check.”

Councilmember Ara Najarian, Glendale:Kathryn Barger has championed the growth of our Metro system so it reaches and serves all communities. She understands that having a safe, accessible and efficient public transportation network is the bed-rock of our community and economy.”

Councilmember Bill Miranda, Santa Clarita: “Supervisor Kathryn Barger has been a staunch supporter of the Fifth District and particularly of Santa Clarita. Her energy, passion and skill at traversing the intricacies of her office are outstanding. She is a hands-on leader who gets involved at the people's level. She has put together a staff of hard and smart workers with compassion to handle every community member's needs. I wholeheartedly endorse Kathryn Barger for re-election to the LA County Supervisor 5th District position.”

Councilmember Ken Mann, Lancaster: “Kathryn has been the "common sense" advocate elected to the County Board of Supervisors!”

Councilmember Kristine Lowe, Sierra Madre:Kathryn Barger has an amazing track record of supporting communities during difficult times. She makes thoughtful decisions that are best for our residents and reflective of their wants. It is because of her leadership that L.A. County continues to grow and thrive.”

Councilmember Vincent Yu, Temple City: “Having worked directly with Supervisor Barger as a city councilmember in the last few years, I can attest that Supervisor Barger is the best Supervisor for our District. We are lucky to have her representing us. She looks out for the future of the entire District including incorporated cities.”

Voters living in the Fifth District – which encompasses the northern portion of Los Angeles County – will have an opportunity to cast their ballots in the March 2024 primary election.

A video featuring Barger’s re-election announcement and photos are now available. For additional information and updates on Supervisor Barger’s re-election campaign, visit



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