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Supervisor Kathryn Barger will be running for re-election for Supervisor in Los Angeles County’s Fifth District in the March 2020 Election. 


Kathryn has dedicated her life to providing effective and responsive representation to the residents of Los Angeles County. A resident of the Fifth District all her life, she began her career in public service as an intern in the office of Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich and rose the ranks to become his Chief Deputy in 2001, where she served until her election to the Board of Supervisors in November 2016.


After serving as a chief policy advisor on health, mental health, social services, and children’s issues, Kathryn has made these areas a priority in office, fighting for services and programs to significantly improve the quality of life for foster children, seniors, veterans, those with disabilities, and those with mental illness.

Commitment to Safety

The wife of a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, Kathryn is a resolute supporter of law enforcement. Committed to keeping our neighborhoods and communities safe, she has worked with state and federal leaders as well as our County District Attorney, Sheriff, Fire Chief, and other law enforcement agencies to implement tough laws and vital public safety initiatives. Her anti-crime platform in which she advocates for more local patrols and body cameras for officers has earned her the endorsement of the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs and Los Angeles County Firefighters, and also the support of former LA District Attorneys.

Kathryn’s years of service to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has included a multitude of initiatives that provide or expand vital mental health and public health services, housing resources for foster care youth and families, and anti-fraud policy changes that protect welfare recipients and taxpayers.

Fiscally Responsible

As Supervisor, Kathryn has made government more efficient by reducing burdensome bureaucracy and regulation. She will continue that tradition of fiscally responsible County governance as a diligent steward of spending and taxes and an impactful investor in critical services such as public safety, economic development, and transportation.

Proactive Leader

Kathryn has taken the lead in fighting homelessness in our communities. Her expertise in mental health, economic development, foster care, and public safety have delivered a hands-on and results-driven approach to address the systemic failures causing the crisis.

Problem Solver

Those who have worked with Kathryn know that she is a listener, a problem solver, and a public servant who gets things done. She has a strong track record and reputation for building consensus to develop solutions with real results for the benefit of the people in her my community and in Los Angeles County. This has led to broad based support from business organizations, Labor, both trade and Public Employee Unions, and leaders of both political parties in her District and throughout Los Angeles County, including Mayor Eric Garcetti, Supervisors Sheila Kuehl and Janice Hahn, and over 30 mayors and councilmembers.

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