Kathryn Barger announces new endorsements

Kathryn Barger announces new endorsements

Kathryn Barger announces new endorsements

Supervisor Hilda L. Solis, Mayor Bill Bogaard and State Senator Art Torres Endorse Kathryn Barger for Supervisor

Continuing her campaign of inclusiveness and bipartisanship, Kathryn Barger today received endorsements from three outstanding public servants in her race for 5th District Supervisor.

“I’ve never been a candidate, but when I decided to run for Supervisor, I vowed that as a candidate and as Supervisor my focus would be on bringing people together to solve problems.” said Kathryn Barger. “It is an extraordinary honor to receive these endorsements from people who are proud Democrats with a record of working and governing in a bipartisan manner.”

Chair of the Board, Supervisor Hilda L. Solis served with distinction as President Obama’s Secretary of Labor and as a Member of Congress. She has been honored for her commitment to working families and is the recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award for her work on environmental justice.

As Pasadena’s first voter elected Mayor, Bill Bogaard has a strong record of fiscal responsibility, and of promoting preservation, vital neighborhoods, and education.

Senator Art Torres (Ret.) is an outstanding lawmaker who authored the landmark environmental Proposition 65, as well as groundbreaking legislation on health and education. Senator Torres also served several terms as Chairman of the California Democratic Party.

“Kathryn Barger has already served our community admirably as Chief Deputy Supervisor. I know she will be a great leader as our Supervisor because Kathryn understands our community. She is qualified, not only because of her resume, but because of her total commitment to tackling the problems confronting us – in job creation, homelessness, public safety, protecting our natural resources, and providing needed services.” said former Mayor Bogaard.

Chair Hilda L. Solis said: “I look forward to working with Kathryn on the Board of Supervisors because I already know from working with her as a Chief Deputy Supervisor that we will be great partners.”

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